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I Am Seeking Nsa Things to say to a jamaican girl

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Things to say to a jamaican girl

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She is also a certified editor, and writes non-fiction. Visit her on the web at http: Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn. Ladies and gentlemen, for your reading pleasure I present to you tto of my favorite things that Kartel has said to sweet talk his lady ies.

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Sit down in a mi lap, it a the lap a luxury. What a big bumper yo better tek it bounce mi.

Ok, I was hesitant to include this one because I was trying to keep this post mostly clean…but for the 47331 women looking for men of education! In a strange way, I find things to say to a jamaican girl kind of empowering. Can you say poetic? Hear that ladies? Believe me…Me love how mi living up star.

This song is too chalk-full of goodness to only quote. They say that modern love lacks the ability to withstand hardship.

After mi tell you seh mi love you gyal…Cyaa buy a benz or a house gi you, but mi give you everything weh mi. He wants to give you more love than your mama! No drama! Make money, boss lady! A gyalis is the updated word millennials jamican in place of mantel.

It refers to a guy who is smooth, and usually gets his way with the ladies. A butu is someone who lacks broughtupsy, and is stereotypically either from the ghetto or the countryside. According to Jamaican Patwah, a butu is:.

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A person who has little or no social graces or manners. Being a butu is completely independent of your social class.

In college, many of us started to say butucrat for some ridiculous reason. As I explained go into a follower who asked me about it:. A Butucrat is just a nice word for a Butu person.

Things to say to a jamaican girl Look For Sexual Partners

Jamaicans refer to mildew and most other fungal growths — especially on cloth, floors, and walls — as junjo. One thinngs briefly explains. Growing up, I heard this word pronounced one way or the other used as a vague but serious insult you hurled at someone you seriously disliked.

He also specified that the term tends to be used more for men than women. Naturally, being compared to a pair of worn out, dirty once upon a time white shoes is not a compliment.

Like its brother hataclapsbangarang refers to a trouble or disturbance.

This can either be a loud noise, or someone who is up to no good. Hataclaps can be a bit more serious than a bangarang, and is more synonymous with a serious crisis.

suffice it to say that I have not yet met a Jamaican who hasn't heard of Vybz to you 15 of my favorite things that Kartel has said to sweet talk his lady(ies). He's singing about a woman's “pum pum” being enchanting. 10 Ways to Say You Love Your Jamaican Valentine A text telling you how sexy your Valentine finds you may be written this way – Girl, you're like di National. As a woman that has traveled quite a few countries, I have to say that Jamaican men have by far some of the best pick-up lines, or as we say in Jamaica “lyrics”.

However, both words tend to be used interchangeably. Keep in mind that in Jamaican culture a woman with discreet Adult Dating black boston pussy breasts, wide hips, and things to say to a jamaican girl big butt is considered immensely attractive. So our standards of fat, namaican, and obese are a bit different.

Corouches usually refers to junk, but not always literally. For instance, a person travelling with a lot of bags may describe those bags as corouches. As commonly happens, the word suss has made it into British slang, but they still use it much ti than we. This is one of those words that are so old and out of things to say to a jamaican girl usage that my generation barely knows what it means.

I have always heard it used to mean a loud commotion. Other guesses made by my Jamaican followers:. Due to a Jamaican song that carries the title, many people also claim it has an underlying sexual pussy Iowa lake.

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If you want to insult a Jamaican man, ask him about his teely. These words are more often used by generations preceding millennials, and in rural areas. Growing up, chi-chi was initially used to refer to termites.

Even the pile of dust they left behind after their foraging was called chi-chi dust. But as I grew older, the word also became a derogatory term for homosexuals.

Things to say to a jamaican girl I Seeking Horny People

This usage was made popular by the T. Brawta refers to getting something extra as a bonus. A Dry Land Tourist refers to a Jamaican who is stush and pretends to be a foreigner, by mimicking a foreign accent, especially around tourists.

They have typically never left the island before, but lick pussy Edinburgh to be perceived as cultured and sophisticated. If you think the nouns were colourful, the adjectives we come up with as Jamaicans could outdo a rainbow. Since many of our adjectives also double as nouns, you will find several more under the hybrid heading in this article.

Growing up, Things to say to a jamaican girl heard this used to describe everything from porridge to people! I never heard the term hot like wig, while living on the island.

But one of my friends in Montego Bay told me the simile recently caught on. Winjy is a form of measurement that typically means small, thin, or scanty. Jamaicans may use this to ask for a winjy things to say to a jamaican girl of the muffin, or to describe the winjy little boy up the street.

Though winjy is falling out of use to describe petite body types, mawga is eternal. It comes from the word meagre, t is not a compliment.

It is only used to refer to living things, and ranges from mawga dog to mawga gyal. One of my absolute favourites, you have to get to a certain age before you can say this in public and get away with it. You might want to get to adulthood before saying it within earshot of your parents. On Twitter, a feud almost broke out over which ot these was the correct pronunciation. That undesirable consistency is plekeh-plekeh. Yknow how we like to free fuck Kerrville dramatic with the descriptions?

It probably just evolved from one to the other for added effect.